Teaching Reports

Teaching to Inspire (GAANN Report #5)

My teaching goals for the Fall 2021 semester included: Teach the ITCS 3162 class (Introduction to Data Mining) Continue developing my personal website and teaching portfolio Attend two CTL (Center for Teaching and Learning) Seminars In my previous report, I mentioned how explaining the course material to students helped increase my own understanding and confidence. […]

When One Teaches, Two Learn (GAANN Report #4)

My plan for this Spring 2021 semester included: ♥ Co-teach the ITCS 3162 class (Introduction to Data Mining) in Spring ’21.♥ As a part of co-teaching: (1) develop activities for the students to get hands-on experience with the data mining process and related tools, (2) provide various lectures and in-class activities, (3) proctor exams, (4) […]

Using Student Feedback to Improve Teaching and Learning (CTL Report #6)

The second CTL workshop I attended this semester was in more of an asynchronous, classroom format, where we had a week to go through the material on Canvas. This workshop was titled Using Feedback to Improve Teaching & Learning and was facilitated by Fred Baker, Tracy Rock, and Jessica Kapota. The description is below: “Feedback […]

How to Promote Student Interaction in Online Courses (CTL Report #5)

I attended the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) workshop titled Humanizing Your Online Course: Strategies to Promote Learner Interaction in Online Courses on April 19th, 2021. The description for this workshop is below: “In online courses, creating a human connection is important to deal with the emotional distraction that prevents students from performing to […]

Becoming More Involved in Teaching (GAANN Report #3)

Fall 2020 was my first fully online semester due to the pandemic (last semester was also online, but we had to transition from in-person to online partially through, which was also a challenging experience in itself). Here, I will reflect on the semester in terms of our goals and progress towards learning how to teach. […]


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