When One Teaches, Two Learn (GAANN Report #4)

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash My plan for this Spring 2021 semester included: ♥ Co-teach the ITCS 3162 class (Introduction to Data Mining) in Spring ’21.♥ As a part of co-teaching: (1) develop activities for the students to get hands-on experience with the data mining process and related tools, (2) provide various lectures and [...]

Steps Towards Teaching (GAANN Report #2)

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash As GAANN Fellows, we had the following goals for the Spring 2020 semester: Get more experience with the course management system;Conduct problem sessions;Complete another teaching seminar course (ITSC 8665);Continue developing our personal websites and teaching portfolios; andAttend at least one CTL workshop and write a report reflecting on what [...]

Reflecting on My First Semester (GAANN Report #1)

Every semester, we develop a teaching experiment plan to guide our learning process as we gain more experience and expand our ideas of teaching. Here is my report on my experiences throughout the Fall 2019 semester. It's been a pretty good semester! 🙂 The teaching seminar discussions and workshops I've attended have definitely gotten me [...]