Teaching Experiences


ITCS 3162
Introduction to Data Mining

Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Fall 2022

Created course material to teach in a project-based format. Students built portfolios throughout the class and peer critiqued each other’s work.

Teaching Assistant

ITCS 3162
Introduction to Data Mining

Spring 2021

Led three of the classes (three hours each), designed two in-class activities, and proctored all exams. Also kept up with the Canvas course page, helped grade the exams and final project, had weekly office hours, and provided additional review sessions before each exam.

PDFs of the Canvas activities can be viewed below:

My reflection on this teaching experience can be read here.

ITCS 6150/8150
Intelligent Systems

Fall 2020

Created the Canvas course page and uploaded all course material and submission areas. Proctored students’ exams. Graded and provided feedback on both exams and final projects. Ran office hours and additional review sessions before exams due to students’ requests to help provide additional practice.

Gave a lecture on decision trees and action rules. Slides can be viewed here.

ITSC 6162/8162
Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD)

Spring 2020

Helped grade students’ midterms, final exams, and final projects. I also helped proctor the midterm and ran a few two-hour office hour sessions.

ITSC 1212
Introduction to Programming 1 (CS1)

Spring 2016, Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017, Fall 2017

Worked with the Professor and other TA’s to help teach and improve students’ performance. I created course material such as lab documents, active learning class activities, programming assignments, and tests. Each semester, I also ran one or two of the lab section(s), assisted with group activities during the active-learning type lecture, and sometimes hosted additional workshops outside of class with other TA’s for student test-prep.